Jiofi SD Card Slot (Storage) Access by Login jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html

Step-by-Step process on How to Access Jiofi SD Card Slot (Storage Slot / Memory Card) by Login jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html or 192.168.l.l…
There is a wide range of memory card / sd card available in the market today. There are different devices that use memory cards like JioFi dongle, Smart TV’s, Phones, camcorders, CNET, consoles, and cameras etc.

For you will be able to install a memory card in any device it needs to have a sd card slot. Different devices have different memory card slot. Some are smaller than the others. You need to identify the right memory card depending on the device that you intend to use it in. We will start our today’s discussing with an introduction of what a memory card is.

How do access Jiofi SD Card Slot (Storage Slot) by Login Jiofi.Local.Html or 192.168.l.l?

A JioFi device has a memory card slot. The slot is located inside the JioFi device. You will need to open the plate for you to access it.

jiofi sd card slot

jiofi sd slot / jiofi storage slot

For you to use the memory card you will need to do the following:

  • Switch on the JioFi device.
  • Insert the Memory Card / SD Card in the JioFi SD card slot.
  • Feed http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm in the search bar on the browser and click at ‘Enter’. This will enable you to log in as an administrator. You will feed the word administrator as the username and as the password.
  • Click at settings. Select storage.
  • Click on storage account and choose ‘Enabled’.
  • Click at storage username and write ‘SD card’.
  • Click at storage password and feed the default one.
  • Click on storage mode and choose ‘WiFi storage’.
  • Ensure that you share http://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html with the users who you are sharing the link with. When you are still using default settings the other users can use the word ‘SD card’ as the username and the password.

This is a small device that is used to save electronic information. You can opt to save movies, photos, games, music, programs, and documents among others. The memory cards vary in sizes and shapes depending on the devices they are to be used in. They have one thing in common. All types of memory cards are used for storing electronic data.

You can refer to it as a flash memory. You can store your data, delete them and feed them again. Flash memory has the following features that make them be versatile.

  1. They store data without demanding power supply.
  2. They are small in size.

Devices that Require Memory Cards
Cameras and Nintendo Wii are among the devices that use SD card. Memory card aids in storage especially in photography. Film roll is no longer necessary with this new invention of the memory card. You cannot use a film roll on digital cameras.

You can use the memory card on your phone to enable it to store more photos and other contents. You can now save a lot of photos and music on your portable mobile phone. You can opt to put the memory card in your camcorders to enable you to save many videos.

You can use a memory card in the following devices:

  1. Printers. You can insert the memory card in the memory card slot and print your contents.
  2. DVD recorders and TVs. This allows you to watch your stored pictures and videos on a TV screen. Some devices can share one type of memory card while others require a specific memory card.

When you need to buy a new device that has a memory card slot, you will need to consider a few things. You should check whether it uses the same memory card as your current device. This will save you from keeping on buying new memory cards.

Types of Available Memory Cards
Standardization has contributed to the reduction of the types of memory cards in the market. This is because it has enhanced the sharing of the same memory card for various devices. Today the common types of storage include Compact Flash, SD, and memory stick. You can still find Smart Media, MMC, and xD card on the devices that were made a few years ago.

SD (Security Digital) is popular than the rest types of digital storage. It has a high speed and various capacities.
Compact Flash is fit for digital cameras. Memory Stick can only function in Sony devices. It is developed by the Sony Company.

There are cameras like Nikon that has 2 memory slots. Some devices have one memory slots that handle different types of memory cards. An example of this is the Sony camera that accommodates both Memory Stick and SD.

A memory card is necessary in storing your contents like music, photos, program, and other data. You can be able to share the information that is in your JioFi SD card slot by sharing its link with your users.

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