Jiofi Router Reset Procedure or How to Factory Reset Jiofi Dongle / Modem

Instructions for How to Jiofi Router Reset Procedure or How to Factory Reset Jiofi Dongle / Modem….
JioFi is a reliable and portable hotspot that is personalized. It was manufactured by Reliance Digital. This device enables several people to connect their mobile gadgets to it to link to its 4G internet.

JioFi is an affordable personal Wi-Fi connection. There are several devices that can be able to link to this internet connection. They include laptops, Smart Phones, desktops. Also Read Check the Jiofi Dongle Battery Status Level

This link allows the users to get a personalized Wi-Fi hotspot. You can connect up to ten devices consecutively.
When you are surfing, you would like to have a stable and high-speed network. You can spend a lot of time to do a small and simple task when you are using a low network.

You no longer need to have a 4G phone for you to access a high internet speed. You can always link your phone to the JioFi and you will get the 4G internet despite the type of phone that you are using. Your phone just needs to have an internet connection feature. It is common for people to experience the following hitches when they are using JioFi router:

  1. To forget the password.
  2. The internet connection can go low at intervals especially when you need it the most.
  3. The router can reboot automatically when you least expect it.
  4. The JioFi router can fail to load and give a system error.
  5. The system can crash or fail to connect.
  6. You can opt to Reset Jiofi Router the details that relate to logging in.

When you get any version of JioFi routers you can experience the above challenges. You can evade the hustle of dealing with the hitches by resetting your JioFi routers. All the Wi-Fi routers have a hardware button for resetting. For most of the devices, it is located on the device and there is a button written ‘Reset’ Button.

How Do I Reset JioFi Router or Jiofi Router Reset Procedure?

You can restore the settings for JioFi easily and quickly. You only need to follow several simple procedures as we will discuss below.

  • Switch on the JioFi 2 or Jiofi 3 of JioFi two routers.
  • Place your hand on the back panel and open it gently to avoid causing damage to the back panel.
  • There is a button written WPS on the left. The Jiofi ROuter Reset button is not always located in an open place. Its location differs from the device that you are using. It is mostly hidden in the WPS button. When you can’t find it, you can search for its location on Google. Press the WPS or the Jiofi Dongle reset button after finding it.
  • Use a sharp object like Needle etc to continually press this button for twenty-five to thirty-five seconds. Be cautious not to apply a lot of force when you are pressing it because these can cause some damage.
  • When its light starts to blink, the Factory Reset of Jiofi Dongle or Jiofi Router Reset Successfully on its own.
  • You should be having your PC so that you can link it to the JioFi two routers. You need to be having access to another internet connection so that you can open http://jiofi.local.html.
  • The earlier settings will disappear and all the previous hitches will not bother you anymore. You will be left with default settings and now you can reset it afresh.
jiofi router reset

Jiofi Dongle Factory Reset

You can Reset Jiofi Dongle it anytime you realize that the internet connection is not picking quickly. Do not wait for long buffering that result from a low internet connection. It is a simple procedure that takes a short time. All you need to have is an internet connection, your JioFi routers and then follow the procedure.

You will be able to get back the default settings and Jiofi Router Reset afresh to accommodate all the features that you want. You will enjoy having a high speed, portable, and reliable internet connection in your office or at your home.

It has rechargeable batteries. You can recharge whenever you realize that the charge is going down. You can download a Jio app in your tablet and enjoy sending messages and making calls with JioFi.

When you purchase the JioFi network you will be given its sim- card as well. You will need to activate it so that you can be able to access its internet. You can alternatively use another sim card from another service provider when you are creating your JioFi network.


  • Accessing a 4G internet connection has never been this easy. You can enjoy browsing at this high speed even when you are not using a 4G phone. You simply need to connect to JioFi network.
  • JioFi network is affordable, fast, stable and reliable. You can have a problem to link to it when you forget the password, when the system fails or when the connection is slow.

Do not panic when these things take place, you just need to restore the factory setting. When you get the default settings, you can now set it afresh.

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