How to Boost / Increase Jiofi Internet Speed by login jiofi.local.html

How to Increase Jiofi Internet Speed or How to Boost Jiofi Net Speed by login jiofi.local.html or…..
Every user would like to use an internet connection that has a high speed. JioFi helps you to access a 4G internet even when your phone has a low speed. A slow internet is very inconveniencing especially when you are working or when you are streaming. People spend a lot of money to ensure that they purchase a hot spot that will serve them efficiently.

JioFi device can experience low speed despite the fact that it has a 4G speed. It can indicate a red signal instead of the blue or green light. This situation is reversible. You just need to follow a few steps as I will direct you. If the Jiofi Internet not working We can categorize the JioFi Internet Speed issues into two. Network issue: this indicates a red light and Speed issue. If you face any Internet issue please Reset Jiofi Router by pressing Reset button.

The above 2 issues are common. People panic when they realize that their JioFi devices have these issues and they tend to think that their devices are spoil.

jiofi internet speed

Boost your jiofi internet speed

What Causes the Jiofi Low Internet Speed?

There are several factors that contribute to Low Speed in JioFi devices. We will discuss them below.

1. Barriers
There should not be a barrier between the JioFi and the device you are connecting it to. This is because they interfere with JioFi network coverage. An example of these includes doors and walls. When the 2 are close to each other, the speed is usually high. When you move away from the JioFi, the speed reduces.

2. Availability Of Network
There are times when the network coverage in a certain region can be low. This has a direct effect on the speed of the JioFi hotspot. When the network coverage is low the JioFi device indicates a red or blue signal. You will need to move your device to where there is sufficient network coverage.

When there is full network coverage the JioFi device indicates a green signal. This contributes to high speed when you are surfing or streaming contents. You can download even the HD contents at a very high speed.

3. Band Availability
There are various bands that include Band 5, Band 40 and Band 3. Band 5 and Band 3 are usually slow. Buffering takes a lot of time when you are using band 5 and 3. This contributes to time wastage. Band 40 has the highest speed. It allows you to stream contents and surf at a very high speed. You cannot have this type of a band when the network signal is low. You need to set the device where there is sufficient network coverage.

4. Data Balance
The speed of the JioFi device reduces when your data are almost getting depleted. The speed can reduce up to 128KB per second. Ensure that you recharge on time so that you can maintain the speed of band 40.

5. The Distance Between The Ground And The Device
You need to place your JioFi device at a high place from the ground for you to enjoy a high speed. When you place it close to the ground or on the ground you will experience a low speed.

Solution to Boost / Increase JioFi Internet Speed

1. Barrier: Ensure that you place JioFi and your device near each other for you to enjoy high speed. Avoid having barriers in between the 2. This will help in attaining an adequate network coverage.

2. Network
Move the JioFi device in your room or working area until you get a green signal. This will indicate that the device has high network coverage.

Follow the following procedure to deal with the red signal.

  • Restart the JioFi by following the following procedures.
  • Check the panel that is at the back of the JioFi and open it.
  • Check the right side for you to identify a small hole where the word ‘reset’ is written.
  • Use a SIM ejector or a pin to press the reset button for at least 15 seconds.
  • This will make the device to restart.
  • As it restarts, the red light will be replaced by a blue or a green one.

3. Band
Ensure that you have attained band 40 for you to enjoy high speed. Band 3 and 5 are slow.

How Do I Check The Band?

  • Go to browser and search for http://jiofi.local.html.
  • Go to LTE status for you to see the operation band.
  • When it is reading anything else rather than Band 40 you will need to move the device. Try placing it in different places in the house or in the office until you attain it.
  • Click at Refresh.

4. Recharge Your Bundles on Time
We have seen that the JioFi Internet Speed reduces when your bundles are almost depleted. Ensure that you recharge when they are ¾ used. When they go below that the speed reduces automatically.

Conclusion: A high speed is necessary when you are surfing or downloading contents. Ensure that you check the data balance and be cautious about where you are placing the JioFi device. The device and the JioFi should be in the same room and there should not be any barriers in between.

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