How to check Jiofi Battery Status or Battery Level in jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Guidelines on How to check the Jiofi Battery Percentage Level or Jiofi Battery Status at http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm….
JioFi personal hotspot router has a high speed of 4G. This speed allows you to do many activities within a short duration. This is because it reduces the overall time spent in the buffering process. You need to fully charge your JioFi before you start using it. This ensures that the battery serves you for the desired duration. Its battery has a long lifespan but you should take care of it so that it can last longer.

How to know Jiofi Battery Level or Jiofi Battery Status at jiofi.local.html/index.htm

Here is the Procedure on how to know the Jiofi Battery Status or Jiofi Battery Percentage Level by login http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm website. Instructions are as follows….

  • Switch on your JioFi by Long Press the Power button.
  • Link your device to the JioFi router internet connection.
  • Login http://jiofi.local.html/index.htm using your username as “administrator” and password as “administrator” details.
  • Then Go to the Device Details > Battery Level.
  • Click on Device Details then scroll down the screen you can see the ‘Battery Level’ tab. Then stop to scroll the mouse.
  • Read the Jiofi Battery Level Percentage Status that is written at the bottom part of that page.
Jiofi Battery Status

Jiofi Battery Status Level

How to Take Care of Your JioFi Battery

Here are some tips to take precautions and increase your Jiofi Battery Level Status are as follows….

1. Economize the JioFi Battery power
Do not leave the Wi-Fi on when no one is using it. Wi-Fi keeps searching the signals. This makes it utilize a lot of power. When you are in a place where network coverage is low, turn of the Wi-Fi until you get to a place where sufficient network coverage is found.

Minimize the screen light to dim. Have the amount of light that is comfortable to your eyes. When you put on the full light the battery will not last for a long duration.

Set a short duration of sleep mode. This is where the screen goes off when you are not using it.

2. Avoid Turning It On And Off Severally
Your JioFi router will need a lot of power to reboot. Avoid turning it off when you don’t need to. For example, when you are taking a 30-minute break you can leave it on because you will resume soon.

Many people assume that when you leave its power on, for this duration the power will be draining away. The truth is, it will use less power when you don’t switch it off than it would consume to restart.

3. Charge It Fully
You should charge your battery until it gets to 100% full. You can wait for its charge to get to 10% once in a while. You should not overcharge the battery because it will get spoilt. Avoid charging it halfway. Whenever you want to charge it, give it sufficient time for it to charge up to 100%.

4. Maintain Hygiene
The battery ports should be kept clean at all times. Wipe them regularly because dust can clog the ports making charging process slow and difficult.

5. Use Wall Charger
Always charge your JioFi router battery direct using a wall charger. Avoid using a USB cable to charge using your PC, power-bank or laptop. The use of USB cable should be the last option because it can damage the battery and lower its lifespan.

6. Never Store It When It Has A Dead Battery
Always leave the battery charged before storing it. When you store it when the battery is empty it will eventually die completely.

7. Use the Original Charger
The initial charger you bought along with your JioFi router can spoil or get lost. When you are replacing it, ensure that you buy an original one. Using a wrong charger can spoil your device. A battery can last longer depending on its voltage. You can damage the JioFi Router battery when you use a charger that has a higher voltage than it can take.

High voltage charging causes a battery to get hot. This damages the positive electrode of the battery.
Now that I have enlightened you on how to take care of the JioFi router battery, we can discuss how to check the battery percentage status.

The JioFi battery has 2300mAh. When it is fully charged it can last between 6 to 12 hours depending on your activities. It would take at least three hours for it to charge fully when the battery is at 10% or below. You should monitor the battery charge so that you can recharge it before its power drains completely.

Conclusion:- There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of a JioFi Battery. They include the following:

  • Don’t put Overcharging to your Jiofi Router.
  • Using the wrong charger that has a high voltage.
  • Storing the device when its battery is empty.
  • Failing to charge it fully among other things.

You should keep a close check on the Jiofi Battery Status or Jiofi Battery Percentage so that the device does not go off when you are using it. Ensure that you charge the battery to 100% always. When you keep charging it for a few minutes and disconnect it before it fully charge, you spoil the battery lifespan. Wipe the battery ports to enhance smooth charging.

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