Making Video Calls or Voice Calls using JioFi Device using Jio 4G Voice

How to Making Video Calls or Voice Calls using JioFi Device by using Jio 4G Voice App….
Technology has made life much easier and convenient. JioFi has made life better with its enticing features. It enables you to access high internet connection at an affordable price. The JioFi device is light and portable. You can carry it around when you are going for field work or when you are going for recreation activities.

When you suspect that there are people who know your JioFi username and password you can change it. The procedures for changing these details are simple and quick. You will not spend the entire day trying to change them and neither will you have to be an expert. You should ensure that you take good care of the JioFi battery.

For you to enjoy every service that this device offers you, it should be having a reliable battery. Ensure that you don’t charge it with any other charger except the one that came with this device. Suppose the charger spoils, you need to replace it with an original charger. When you use a charger that has a different voltage from that of the device you end up spoiling it. Ensure that you fully charge it every time and never store it when the battery is empty.

The JioFi device has numerous functions. It is a versatile device. Today we will discuss one of its amazing features that allow you to make audio and video calls.

make video calls and voice calls using jiofi

make video calls and voice calls using jiofi

I know you are about to ask me how real that is. I will give you the below procedure which you need to follow for you to enjoy this feature. There are 2 options and you can choose the one you find best.

Install the Jio 4G voice app to Make Video Calling

  • Click at storage.
  • Activate all the folders and files that have been enabled.
  • Ensure that you eliminate all the folders that concern voice app of Jio 4G.
  • Uninstall the above app.
  • Slide the SIM card into the SIM card.
  • Use the dialer to make your calls.

Your phone needs to be VoLTE enabled
This option is for people who have not yet installed Jio 4G voice app. They will have to follow the following procedure to successfully make calls using JioFi device.

Ensure that you disconnect the VoLTE from the setting. You need to go to the network settings for you to be able to give this command.

  1. Go to play store and download the Jio 4 G voice application.
  2. Install it on your Smartphone.

Follow the instructions that the app will give you for you to configure this application.

  1. Activate VolTE,
  2. You can now make unlimited calls using the Jio 4G voice application.

Pros Of Making Video Calls Or Voice Calls using JioFi 2 / Jiofi 3

  1. You can enjoy making video calls even when you don’t have a 4G phone.
  2. All people who use Android phone can make HD voice calls when they are utilizing the JioFi 3.
  3. This device is not cumbersome. You can carry it around so that you can be able to make the Hd video and voice calls.
  4. It is an enticing feature which many phone operators have not been offering.

These are the strong points of the JioFi device when it comes to voice and video calls. Does this device have shortcomings? Yes, it does. It is rare for you to find a perfect device.

Each has its pros and cons. You need to analyze both thoroughly. When the pros are more than the cons, you can purchase the device. When the cons are more, don’t even think of that device.

Cons Of Making Video Calling or Voice Calling using JioFi 2 / Jiofi 3

  • When you are making the video or the voice calls the network can drop. This has been reported severally.
  • When this takes place you will need to restart your phone and the JioFi device. You can alternatively switch your phone to an airplane mode and then switch this mode off after 5 minutes. This is inconveniencing especially when you are making an official or an urgent call.

How do I recharge the Jio SIM using in Jiofi Dongle?

This is a common question that every 1ST-time user OF Jio 4G app asks. You cannot make calls when your SIM is not loaded with units.

You can choose to use the postpaid or the prepaid SIM. Purchase the units and load into your SIM either before or after making the call. This will entirely depend on the type of the SIM that you have bought.

Conclusion:- JioFi allows you to make HD video and voice calls using Jio 4G app. You need to go to the play store and install this app for you to start enjoying this feature. Suppose you have any difficulty when you are using the JioFi you can contact its customer care by dialing 199.
You can alternatively call them through 18008891999.

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