192.168.l.l / Login to Modify Default IP Settings for Jiofi Router

192.168.l.l, is the admin IP address that is used to login into any branded router. This address is used when manufacturers are making a system. It is used when setting up a remote system as well. You can be able to alter the initial address when you access URL. When you retain the initial address the entire system will work with ease.

There are systems that utilize or 192.168.o.1 as their IP address instead of 192.168.l.l. You can use the IP address that you like depending on your taste and preference. If anybody want to change the router login ip address to this but it is available after login into the branded router.

Barrier To Access The 192.168.l.l IP address

For you to exchange or share information that is in a computer system, you will need to adjust some of the remote settings. For you to be able to do this, you will need to feed http://192.168.l.l in the search bar and press at ‘enter’.


192.168.l.l Login IP

In rare cases, the program can fail to access the admin dashboard. When this takes place you will need to use admin software. This is to check whether the initial host is reachable through the IP network.

  • When you are using a PC you will need to click at ‘begin’
  • Click at ‘run’ or press windows + R button in the keyboard.
  • Click at sort ‘CMD’
  • You will get a summon window when you click at CMD. Ping the IP address.
  • You will get to know whether the system is functioning or not.
  • When the system responds by asking you to request for ‘time out’ you identify that the system has an issue. The error hinders it from linking with the remote switch.

What Are The Possible Causes Of The Above Issue?

  • When your program has an intermediary setup the above error can appear.
  • When there is a fault in the designing of the IP property or on the PC.
  • When your PC has various system cards and the setting of each TCP differs from the rest.
  • When your router has a different IP address rather than
  • When you enter the IP address instead of
  • When the modem settings are not compatible with the default settings of your switch. This hinders any user from linking to the switch.
  • This can take place even when the IP and PCs settings are right.

How Do I Set Up My Remote Switch?

You can make new setups on the remote switch. This will enable it to be compatible with various switches that include Net gear, TP-Link, Linksys, and D-Link. You will follow the following steps to set up the remote switch:

Link The Lines
When you are sharing the broadband internet you will need the switch. This is especially when you have several PCs.
You will need to link the WAN port. This is because you will be using a switch when it doesn’t have the remote capacity.

You will need to link your PC with the LAN port. When the links are not on the initial link works with SYS light. You could be having an issue that relates to the line. This can make you experience a red symbol on your PC. You can solve this problem by alternating the links or by rechecking the link associations.

Check the Router settings

  1. Feed http://192.168.l.l in the search tab and click at ‘enter’.
  2. Click on the login box. Enter the user mane and the password.
  3. Click at the ‘set up wizard’.
  4. Choose the correct mode. You can either choose the IP address or the PPPOE.
  5. Most people prefer using PPPOE. It requires you to use a username and a password. You will this information from the ISP.
  6. The ISP will provide you with other details like IP address, DNS, passage. There are some types of fiber optic that uses a static IP address.

What is Contained in Setup Wizard?

This set up includes the following:

  1. SSID. This is the initial switch name that you get when you are looking for remote signs. You can choose to give it a name or opt to leave it blank.
  2. Mode.
  3. Channel.
  4. Wireless settings.

When you want to set up the username for the switch you will need to click at WPA2-PSK or WPA-PSK. This username will help you in linking your device with the switch. It acts as a security for your device as well. When you lock the device, people cannot access your system without your permission.

You need to reboot the switch and log into http://192.168.l.l. Your IP address will appear as, you will have to give the system a few minutes for it to load your actual IP address. There are some remote switches that contain DHCP. This makes them to be outstanding and popular. When you connect your PC to a remote switch or link switch, the switch chooses the IP address that the PC will utilize.

Conclusion IP address works effectively. It is the most popular IP address that is used globally. When it fails to connect you should check the lines connection.

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