Jiofi.local.html Admin Login or Jio Login to Change JioFi Mifi Wifi Password Change, Jiofi SSID Change, Jiofi Username Change, Jiofi Battery Percentage level Status, Jiofi Router Reset, Jiofi Firmware upgrade, Jiofi Internet Speed Increase etc…..
Jiofi is a latest device launched by reliance Jio, the device helps in getting connected to the wifi of Reliance Jio and providing a 4G speed to multiple users. Jiofi helps the internet connection at high speed of 4G to the users who don’t have an inbuilt 4G technology in their phones. The device has been built by reliance digital and Reliance LYF in collaboration.

Jiofi is a portable broadband device by reliance digital. Jiofi works by creating a personal hot spot and helping access the high speed of reliance 4G. The device helps to connect multiple Laptops or PC or Smartphone users to connect with the Jio 4G through the hotspot. The device can help connect a minimum connection to 10 users and USB connection.

The primary purpose of Jiofi is to enable the 2G/3G device into 4G network device. Reliance Jiofi is a very compact device that can easily be carried along in the pocket. The device creates a local wifi network and helps the neighboring devices like a mobile, laptop, a tablet or a PC to connect to the speed of Reliance Jio. It is one if the simplest ways of making multiple devices and your surrounding web connected. The device also comes with a rechargeable battery, thus you use it as a stand by device or charge it and carry along.

The Jiofi gives a great functionality to your mobile phones which can be used to make voice calls using Jio 4G Voice App in your Smartphone even if they don’t have an inbuilt 4G network. You can place calls or send messages using the Jio app. Jiofi comes with the Jio sim to connect to the network or alternatively you can use the sim of other network providers and pay for the network charges.

How to configure Jiofi dongle using to login jiofi.local.html website?

Setting up of Jiofi router is very simple and can be done easily by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Process involves inserting the Jio SIM, you have bought along with reliance jiofi device. The Sim needs to be inserted in the hotspot tray of the device.
  • Next step involves keeping a note of the SSID and Password written alongside the hotspot tray. This Jiofi SSID and Jiofi Password is Required for the registration of the device. (Note: The SSID and Password is “administrator” & ” administrator”. It is common for all Jiofi Router).
  • Battery that you have got along with a device needs to be inserted at the back side. Insert the battery and close the back cover. For operating the device you need to charge the battery to certain extent.
  • Now, Press the power button present at the top of the Jiofi device. Let all the lights come up and become stable.
  • If the reliance Jio sim, that has been provided along is activated following the steps mentioned earlier then the following steps are quite easy else you need to first activate the Jio sim first.
  • Once the sim is activated, then you just need to connect to the wifi device using SSID code and password that you noted earlier. You should change the SSID and the password by going to the router’s admin panel.
  • Find below the screenshot of the space where the user needs to enter the SSID name and password:
  • After entering the username and password the user needs to click on login.

How to change the Jiofi Username and Jiofi Login Password Change by Login jiofi.local.html or

It is highly recommended to change the username and password as soon as you login for security purposes.

  • Alternatively you can also change the Jiofi SSID and Jiofi Change Password after you are connected to the Jio network; Go to the website http://jiofi.local.html admin login or using any browser.
  • Sign in to the website using the username and password ‘administrator / administrator’, change these user IDs and passwords as well. Also change the SSID and password for proper security.
Jiofi.Local.Html Login

Jiofi.Local.Html Login

After you have followed all the above steps, your Reliance jiofi is configured and you are ready to use it anywhere on any multiple devices without any hassles.

Also find below the detailed steps for Changing Jiofi User ID and Jiofi Change Password:

  • Go to the reliance Jio website Login Jiofi.local.html or
  • Login to the page using default user name and password.
  • Here you enter the control panel, here you can perform various important tasks without entering the admin panel
  • After you have successfully logged in to the network by entering the username and password. The default username and password for this is administrator. This will help you enter the admin panel. User can modify the settings under the ‘Jiofi Web Configuration Panel
jiofi ssid change password by login jiofi.local.html

Jiofi SSID and Jiofi Password Change

  • One can change the settings using the left side panel.
  • Here you can change the SSID name and password as per your choice.
  • After this simply click on save button and apply the changes.
  • Following is the screen shot for the same:
  • Now the device is automatically restarted. Login with the new user ID and password.
  • Thus your username and password is successfully configured.

How to check the Jiofi Router Battery Percentage Status by logon into jiofi.local.html

Visually we cannot see the battery level as such by visually looking at the router.

However one can easily check the battery level by going to the Jio site and following some simple steps. Please find below the steps for the same:

  1. Go to the Jiofi Admin Login website: http://jiofi.local.html
  2. Login to this link using administrator as the user ID and password
  3. Once you go to the website, click on the device details present in the left side of the window.
  4. Once you on the “Device Details”, a window will open which will show all the details related to your modem device. It will also show the Status of your Battery, whether the battery is getting charged, discharged and the current status of your battery.
Jiofi Battery Status

Jiofi Battery Percentage

There is another way to check the battery status. Below are the key steps for the same:

  • Open the Jio website http://jiofi.local.html Login.
  • Login to this page using administrator as the login ID and password
  • Go to Jiofi setting and click on the Wifi menu
  • Check that the wifi setting is set to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK and wireless encryption set as AES which is a security algorithm for the websites.
  • One can check the battery percentage here under battery capacity space.

How to change Jiofi Broadcasting User ID / SSID and Change Jiofi Router Password in jiofi.local.html or

SSID or Service Set Identifier gives an idea to the user about the networks availability and strength. It helps to visualize how strong the signal is available for the public access. Jiofi periodically transmits signals along with the channel to access it.

SSIDs broadcasting is necessary for the operating system to work properly and hold the connection for some time. The user can change the broadcasting password by following the simple steps as illustrated below:

  1. Log in to the admin page through Jiofi.local.html Signin
  2. After going to the page, go to the settings page by clicking on settings tab
  3. After going to setting page click on wifi menu
  4. Under the wifi settings, default SSID will be displayed, this will currently show the original username and password.
  5. You can change the SSID username and password by restarting the modem and also choose a unique username and password.

How to Access Jiofi Storage Slot (Jiofi Router Memory Card Slot) in Jiofi.local.html

Accessing the memory slot on the Jiofi device is very simple and can be easily done by following simple steps.

  1. First the user must insert the memory card into the dongle device for accessing the device and enabling it for the first time.
  2. After the initial setting up of the memory card, you need the enable the storage option by setting the username and password for first time.
  3. One can access the memory card on all the connected devices of the jiofi

Following is the brief description of the process to be followed for accessing memory card:

  • Open the link on the browser of your accessing device http://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html or jiofi.local.html
  • Click on the wifi disc button. You will be prompted to enter the username and the password for the memory card.
  • Enter the username and the password in the required space.
  • Now a new window will open which would have all the details of the files currently present in the SD card. You can easily copy or delete the files for the SD card or move the files to some other location on your mobile or your PC. Find below the screen shot of the same:

How to Make Video calls or Voice calls using Jiofi Router

The biggest benefit of the Jiofi is the feature of providing a video calling, voice calling or a messaging using the Jiofi even on a non-4G device. The user can use the voice calling feature on his mobile by simply downloading jio4gvoice app. By downloading the app, it does not matter if your phone has the 4g volte or not, you would be able to call through your phone.

After making sure that you have the app downloaded on your phone, connect your phone with Jiofi network. After entering the Jiofi network you are ready to make voice/video calls using Jiofi. In the usual plans, the user can make any call across the country. For making any international call the user needs to take special plans which starts from 1100/, thus the user can select the plan as per his usage and requirement.

Find below the step by step process for making the call:

  • Jio4gvoice app has made very easy for the user to make a HD video call or voice call through his mobile. One can easily install the app through the google play store.
  • After downloading the app, the user needs to open the app and give all the required permissions.
  • On the home screen window of the app, a screen will pop up saying ‘configure Jio Join using Jio sim number in the Jiofi.
  • The app will auto connect itself to the network and the sim in some time. The user just needs to provide the OTP as when the user is prompted.
  • In order to make a call, the user simply needs to connect to the Jio network on his android or any other phone.
  • After all this the configuration is complete, the user can make the call through his mobile anytime and to anyone at is ease.

How to Reset Jiofi Router or Jiofi Router Reset Procedure

The most important facility that a Jiofi provides is the ability to connect to various devices like the mobile, laptop, PC etc. Many times it happens that the user plays around with the Jiofi settings and tries to set it as per his needs and requirements. Sometimes it happens that Jiofi loses its original settings thus, the connectivity is lost.

Reset jiofi router

Reset jiofi router

To set the Jiofi settings again, Jiofi has a wonderful feature of setting which is easy to operate as well. Following are the steps that one can follow simple steps to reset:

  • Initially the user needs to switch on the jiofi router.
  • After switching on the router, the user needs to open the back panel of the Jiofi router
  • On the back panel user needs to search for the Jiofi router reset button or the WPS button on the left side of the device. Please find the screenshot of the same:
  • User needs to press the reset button for close to 30 second using a pencil or pen.
  • Light will start to blink on the Jiofi router once the router is reset, this is an indication that the router is reset.
  • After it is reset, launch the browser on any of the connected device.
  • On the connected device the user needs to connect to the Jiofi website. Jiofi.local.html
  • The configuration will also appear on the Jiofi web page.

How to Increase Jiofi Internet Speed

The Jiofi Router Internet Speed provided may fluctuate and might happen over time the Speed gets considerably reduced. This could be due to variety of reasons. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • There is a daily data usage limit which depends on the type of the plan. In case the user has exhausted his daily internet usage, the internet speed for the particular connection would be automatically reduced.
  • The network tower and the signal strength could be another reason for the slow connection. There are indicators lights available on the router that could provide an idea about the signal strength.
  • If the light is green that means the signal strength is good
  • And if the light is red that indicated a weak signal strength
  • The Jiofi has the ability to connect multiple devices in the range of 10 or sometimes even more but sometimes it happens that as you connect more devices the speed of the internet gets reduced.

Some of the tips and tricks that can be used to sustain and increase the internet speed include:

  • Jiofi device should be placed in close proximity of the connected devices, usually the devices should be kept in 10 meter distance. Jiofi device should also be kept in an open area with no obstructions for good single strength.
  • Jiofi network indicator should be regularly monitored for good internet speed.
  • Jiofi should be connected to two devices at once to enhance the internet speed.
  • In case the daily plan is exhausted, one should renew the plan and should also analyze the data plan requirements for the requirements.
  • One should also delete the applications on regular interval and should clear the cached memory. Apps working at the back ground tends to use a lot of data at the back ground.

How to update Jiofi Firmware Upgrade

Usually whenever a new Jiofi Firmware Update is available it get upgraded automatically. Still if you want to get the Jiofi Firmware Upgrade, you can simply visit the nearby reliance store and ask them to Upgrade Jiofi Firmware.
Reliance associates will simply open the admin panel and reflash the Jiofi. The best way to use the fastest available internet in the most effective way is to upgrade the firmware as when it is available. Following are the steps that one should use to upgrade the firmware:

  • Jiofi user should power on the Jiofi router device and should connect it to one of the browsing device.
  • After that the used needs to login to the Jiofi website via jiofi.local.html using any browser.
  • On the website, go to the Jiofi settings tab and select Jiofi upgrade menu
  • User can check the firmware version under device software
  • Select the browse option under software upgrades to access the available Jiofi firmware. If there are any upgraded firmware available, one can select and upgrade.
  • Click on tap or apply to start the upgrade process, the upgrade process might take some time to upgrade.
  • After the firmware upgrade has taken place, ensure to run reset of the device so that all the factory settings are re installed.
  • This is the final step, now you can connect Jiofi to the devices like mobile or a PC.

Jiofi is a revolution by the reliance Jio which has provided all the features which were lagging in the earlier devices. The prominent things are obviously the un-matchable speed, ability to connect to different devices. Portability and ability to carry along at any place.

Jiofi Firmware Upgrade in jiofi.local.html

Update Jiofi Firmware Upgrade

The primary functionality and features of Jiofi are following:

  1. Jiofi provides excellent 4G speed. It claims a download speed of up to 150 mbps and an upload speed of up to 50 mbps.
  2. Jiofi provides the feature to connect multiple devices for audio and video call. At a single time a user can connect 5+1 audio and 3+1 though conference calls.
  3. The 4G features are available on 2G and 3G devices as well by connecting to the Jiofi device.
  4. Jiofi at the maximum has the ability to connect to a maximum of 32 devices, however it is recommended to connect to a10 devices. Device has the ability to connect to 2G/3G, smartphones, laptop, 4 G smart phones, tablet, smart TV etc.
  5. Jiofi video call can be made through the 2G.3G devices as well by connecting to this and downloading the Jio4Gvoice app.
  6. Jiofi has a powerful battery 2600mAh which gives it the wonderful portability feature. Battery helps to provide a life of 7-8 hrs of usage time. Thus, one can easily carry it along and use it on the go.
  7. Another wonderful feature is the price point at which the device is available, this comes at a very affordable price. Now the market price is Rs.999/- only may be in future the price will drop.

Where can you buy reliance Jiofi
Anyone who is interested in buying a Jiofi connection can go to the nearest reliance Jio Digital Store or the mini store of Reliance with a proof of Photograph and Aadhaar Card. Once you fill the form the number will be activated. The person just needs to call 180089011977 reliance customer care for the tele verification. Usually the number gets activated within 4 hrs.

The process is quite simple and can be done easily simply by following the process mentioned at the back of the pack. The device is currently priced at a price of Rs.999/- only with all the reliance jio plans also applicable for Reliance Jiofi.